“Time Machine”
Performed By Time Machine
Presented by Kakiseni International Arts Festival

Show Time:
14th Sept 8.30pm / 15th Sept 2.00pm

Show length: 30 minutes

Time Machine:
This dance group is produced by Koutei Sennin, the dancer attracting attention from creators around the world for his world-class, revolutionary choreography used in a Uniqlo commercial that won the grand prize for the advertisement category at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, as well as 23 other ad awards worldwide.
The group’s unbelievable body control and extremely awesome attention to detail, as well as the composition of their performances that features a variety of tricks and gimmicks, displays mastery of both time and space, wowing audiences in the process.
Under a concept of going beyond performances for show to those that make audience members think and imagine, the group continues to release creative new works that are not limited to dancing alone.

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