“Seven Floors”
Presented by Theatrethreesixty and Kakiseni International Arts Festival

Based on the short story by Dino Buzzati in a new version by Sandee Chew
Directed by Christopher Ling, Choreographed by Jabar Laura
Featuring Stefanie Paulus & Jabar Laura

Show Time:
16th Sept 2pm
16th Sept 5pm

Show length: 30 minutes


A man is admitted to the top floor ward of a rather unusual hospital where each floor denotes a different severity of illness. However, due to a Kafkaesque series of events, he finds himself being shuttled downwards from floor to floor. Is Giovanni Corte really dying? And is anyone prepared to admit it? The dark comedy of SEVEN FLOORS remains as satirically relevant today as it was when it was first performed in Kuala Lumpur in 2000 and then in 2011. This year, theatrethreesixty’s artistic director Christopher Ling revisits Dino Buzzati’s short story through the eyes of an actor and a dancer-choreographer.


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