“The Mice & The Lion”

performed by Pointe & Music Studio
Show Time: 13th Sept 2pm & 4pm

A Group of hungry Mice is hunting for food and find a huge Cheese. Unfortunately A pride of Lions trespass while the mice are enjoying their cheese.

Director: Fion Too
Choreographer: Fion Too & Jess Foo

Pointe & Music Studio was founded by Ms. Fion Too with the aim to raise the quality of ballet education in Malaysia. The focus of the school’s ballet program is to give an all-rounded ballet education to young children and young adults. Our aim is to bring out the fun and joyfulness of ballet to young children and to help them in developing their confident, creativity, intelligent, motivation, artistic appreciation, vital skills and passion towards ballet.


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performed by Revolution Stage
Show Time: 13th Sept 2pm & 4pm

A busking session with AsmaraLoka, songs coupled with poem recital. 3 piece instruments with a singer/storyteller.


The Kuala Lumpur Drumline Corps

Show Time: 12th Sept 2pm & 5pm

The Kuala Lumpur Drumline Corps (KLDC) is the first independent Drumline group in South East Asia for recreation, performance and competition. KLDC comprises of snare drums; bass drums; quadtoms; cymbals and other percussions. KLDC was established on August 2008 and founded by Raja Zainal Badri. Co-founded by Don Nazar, DJ Johan Nasir, Adri Idzwan and Syaruzmi \\\’Remo\\\’ Khalid, KLDC aims to bring drumline performances to a new level while experimenting with different music genres. KLDC has performed internationally and domestically with more than 30 shows in 2009.

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