Francis Wolf

Francis Wolf has been in the independent music scene since 1991. From fronting punk rock bands to finding his own voice as a singer songwriter, he is one of those faces you’d be familiar with if you’ve ever tried to find out whats going on in the local independent scene. Being also a street musician you’d probably bump into him in and around the Klang Valley, busking his music and enjoying every bit of it. Having released his first record in 2011 (Hopefully Whenever), he is now putting the final touches on his next record “The Surrogate Friend” which will be out later in the year.



Riyal is a beatboxer from PJ with more than 8 years of experience. He has a few original tracks, most notably ‘trigger finger’ and ‘call the cops’. His art has evolved through the years as he gets influenced by other musicians and artists, and discovers new genres.


The Bat Cave

The Bat Cave, a nine rapper and one DJ combo that started out in Batu Caves. From a unifying viral hand sign to ten distinct individual rhythms and subject matter, The Bat Cave makes a strong case for a growing number of believers that Hip Hop is always in its golden age, never fallen off. The band of rap-cypher-sparking emcees flipping between English and Malay rap lyricism, as well as their South Korean killer turntablist, have proven their showmanship and aesthetic worth since the early days of each individual member, and they have never stopped elevating stylistically.

Built upon a musical chemistry roughly comparable to the likes of Jurassic 5, Wu Tang Clan, and Heiroglyphics, The Bat Cave started around 2010. The group finalized their nine-emcee lineup in late 2012, coinciding with their inception into the infamous rap collective The Rogue Squadron. The group’s turntablist Dae joined in shortly after, and the circle was complete.

To date, The Bat Cave has released two EP-length mixtapes from the Mixtape GUA series, in between individual releases and feature projects. Collaborations in the mixtapes include W.A.R.I.S., Nadhira, Paan [AMPG], R.A.S.H., The Venopian Solitude, and many more. The group’s emphasis on chemistry, passion, elevation, intricate rhythmic execution, improvisation, and a playful stage presence has attracted a steadily rising following, driving Malaysian Hip Hop into a future of innovation and longevity. They will surely be remembered as significant contributors to the scene, industry, and Hip Hop, if they aren’t already.

Pic by Tang Chun Cheuh

Pic by Tang Chun Cheuh

Hameer Zawawi

Hameer Zawawi is a singer-songwriter hailing from a town nearby Kuala Lumpur called Petaling Jaya. He has been playing ever since 2012, and has been actively going for every Open-mic Series that has ever existed or been organized in KL or PJ ever since. He has been featured as a singer-songwriter in many popular local venues such as No Black Tie, The Bee, Merdekarya, Publika, The Venue and many more. His most notable performances so far are that of Urbanscapes 2014, Moonshine 9th Anniversary 2014, Fete de la Musique 2014, 10th Penang Island Jazz Festival 2013, and Urbanscapes 2013. He can also be seen organizing and hosting gigs in and around town. In early 2014, Hameer Zawawi curated a busking series called BuskStop: A Kakiseni Busking Project, that was supported by Kakiseni and the Malaysian Ministry of Culture & Arts. The series featured 24 prominent unsigned singer-songwriters who were young and active in the independent local scene. Besides that, he can be seen most often hosting and organizing gigs such as the Feedback Open-mic Series that happen at The Bee, Publika & Jaya One and the Moonshine Series that happen at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Prior to singing and songwriting, Hameer Zawawi had studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Games Development. Taking experiences from that field, his songs are mainly inspired by video games, featuring fantasy-like lyrics and epic melodies that depict vast worlds and environments that can only be seen within the confines of his small bedroom, living room or backyard. Currently, Hameer Zawawi is finishing up on his EP recording, National Fantasy which will be out very soon.



In 2014, Riyal and Ian teamed up to create Improm2. As the name suggest, it was an improm2 performance and pairing. The rest is melodic history. The duo have performed a multitude of times under the name ‘Improm2’.

Get ready for some acoustic music merged with beatboxing tones. Improm2 has a blend of pop, hip hop, rap, RnB, electronic music and more.



Reksub are: Aliff, Eppy, Radhi, Firas, Syed Syamer, Aidil

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