Black Box

Where performing arts magic happens
Centre Court, Pavilion KL.


The feature of our festival, the Black Box theatrette is built to specially house the performances within the Centre Court of PavilionKL. Admission is free, and tickets are on a first-come first-served basis. So take a look at our Schedule, and do come early — after all, seats are limited.




Performed by Nam Ron (Malaysia)

Show Time: 12th Sept 830pm / 13th Sept 830pm / 15th Sept 830pm
Duration: 30 minutes

MatderihkolaperlihMatderihkolaperlih mengisahkan seorang budak lelaki bernama Mat Deris yang berasal dari Kuala Perlis.  Ayahnya telah meninggalkan Mat Deris dan ibunya semasa dia masih kecil.  Disebabkan kemiskinan, dia hanya mampu menamatkan pengajian setakat sekolah rendah dan kemudian menjadi nelayan bagi meneruskan kehidupan. Bagaimanapun takdir telah mengubah hidupnya,  di dalam satu insiden pergaduhan yang dimenangi oleh Mat Derih, dia telah dijulang menjadi  ketua samseng di Kuala Perlis. Maka, bermulalah kehidupannya sebagai ketua samseng yang mengutip wang perlindungan dari peraih-peraih dan tokey-tokey ikan di Kuala Perlis. Bagaimanapun suatu insiden di rumah pelacuran yang turut dimilikinya, telah menemukannya kembali  dengan ayah yang tak pernah dikenalinya. Matderihkolaperlih adalah fiksyen biografi, lakonan Nam Ron.

Matderihkolaperlih tells the story of a young man named Mat Deris from Kuala Perlis, whose father abandoned him and his mother at his birth. Impoverished, Mat Deris could only study up to primary school and turned to being a fisherman for income. However, fate has more in store for him, and a fight Mat Derih wins turns him into a triad head in Kuala Perlis. Thus begins his new life collecting protection money from others. An incident in a den he owns for sex workers brings him face to face with the father he had never met before. Matderihkolaperlih is a fictional biography, performed by its playwright, Nam Ron. It received the 2003 BOH Cameronian Arts Award for Best Original Script (Bahasa Melayu).

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Mistral Gagnant

Performed By French Wingz (France)

Show Time: 12th Sept 3.00pm / 13th Sept 2.00pm / 14th Sept 2.00pm / 15th Sept 6.00pm
Duration: 20 minutes

frenchwingzTwo men , Two Foreigners, Two Universes
Intense and poetic, the meeting of Two characters in the beautiful city of Paris
Who try to communicate but they are engaging in a duality
fed by the incomprehension of the other one
A show involving physical exploit, acrobatics and poetry
The French Wingz breaks the barriers of the hiphop
by dancing on Parisian music and a great
classic french variety song like «Mistral Gagnant
– Renaud » or « La boheme-Charles
Aznavour »

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Performed By Revolution Stage (Malaysia)

Show Time: 12th Sept 5.00pm
Duration: 30 minutes

cerminChermin is a self-reflection of a young man who succumbs to depression. Pak Yek is a graduate from a local university who fails to secure any jobs after graduation. Depressed and pressured by the social stigma and personal expectation, he commits snatch theft. He is caught by the authorities for his crime. Chermin is an experimental theater by Arshad Adam and Surnia Fizul where they try to unearth the decision made by Pak Yek. Performed by Han Zalini and Omar Yunus. Chermin — as suggested by the name, presents 2 different views that reflect the story of Pak Yek.

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Time Machine

Performed by Time Machine (Japan)

Show Time: 14th Sept 8.30pm / 15th Sept 2.00pm
Duration: 30 minutes


This dance group is produced by Koutei Sennin, the dancer attracting attention from creators around the world for his world-class, revolutionary choreography used in a Uniqlo commercial that won the grand prize for the advertisement category at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, as well as 23 other ad awards worldwide.
The group’s unbelievable body control and extremely awesome attention to detail, as well as the composition of their performances that features a variety of tricks and gimmicks, displays mastery of both time and space, wowing audiences in the process.
Under a concept of going beyond performances for show to those that make audience members think and imagine, the group continues to release creative new works that are not limited to dancing alone.

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Directed by Bernard Goh, performed by Hands Percussion (Malaysia)

Show Time: 16th Sept 12.oopm
Duration: 30 minutes


Hands Percussion Team (HANDS), a renowned Malaysian percussion ensemble, has been creating a veritable bang in the music scene in Kuala Lumpur since 1997 with its ground breaking and innovative performances. The ensemble’s performances has been highly regarded and admired as they endeavour to preserve their cultural heritage while introducing new dimensions to theatrical drumming by venturing into contemporary percussion music and exploring different cultures. The team has produced and performed extensively in the arts scene as well as at corporate events. In the past few years, HANDS has been invited to perform overseas and have participated in the international art festivals, such as France, Netherlands, Greece, Qatar,etc…

HANDS is proud to be part of the Malaysian performing arts scene and in all their drumming endeavours will to strive to achieve world class international standards. They will always preserve their colourful Malaysian cultural heritage while incorporating contemporary percussion styles, and the diverse South-east Asian musical instruments available in this part of the world.

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Seven Floors

Performed by theatrethreesixty (Malaysia)

Show Time: 16th Sept 2.00pm & 5.00pm
Duration: 30 minutes

sevenfloorsA man is admitted to the top floor ward of a rather unusual hospital where each floor denotes a different severity of illness. However, due to a Kafkaesque series of events, he finds himself being shuttled downwards from floor to floor. Is Giovanni Corte really dying? And is anyone prepared to admit it?

The dark comedy of SEVEN FLOORS remains as satirically relevant today as it was when it was first performed in Kuala Lumpur in 2000 and then in 2011. This year, theatrethreesixty‘s artistic director Christopher Ling revisits Dino Buzzati’s short story through the eyes of an actor and a dancer-choreographer.

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